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Onsite fitting from Iva Nerolli

The IVA NEROLLI brand gives you the opportunity to experience all the comfort of boutique service right at your home. Fast, high quality, sophisticated and even sparkling - this is how the new format of comfortable and exciting outbound shopping looks like. We have thought over everything to the smallest detail to make the choice of things more comfortable and give you a lot of pleasant emotions.

Why onsite fitting with us? You get punctual service, advice from a professional stylist, and the opportunity to try on new looks with other elements of your personal wardrobe. An additional function is the analysis of the wardrobe with the compilation of 5 looks.

To order you need:

1. Select up to 10 units on the site to try on.

2. Add time, address, drinks: our specialty coffee or cool prosecco.

3. Measure looks with a stylist at a pace that is comfortable for you.

4. Pay in a convenient way and enjoy your new favorite things in your wardrobe.

We are sure that after such an experience, you will not want any other way!

Order a service in Kiev on or by calling +38 067 800 80 08

New Capsule collection FEEL ME

Iva Nerolli presented the FEEL ME capsule collection

Our heroine is a girl of the 20s, who for the first time begins to talk about her desires and feelings, and does this with the help of her wardrobe. ⠀

For the first time, silk dresses, stockings, sensual pastel shades appear in it. In this image there is a sensitive naive beauty and that romance that we all sometimes want so much. ⠀

Like any clothing helps to reveal different facets of our character,

the FEEL ME collection cultivates sensuality, romanticism and maturity. ⠀

You will feel this mood in every detail - in delicate floral prints,

pastel shades, flowing silk fabrics, cozy long silhouettes, from infantile

ruffles to tiny buttons inspired by feminine dresses in retro style.

The heroine of our collection became Olimpia Whitemustache - the host, model and muse of Iva Nerolli. Its extraordinary beauty is intertwined with the image of mature romanticism that we have embodied in this collection.

The Iva Nerolli brand presented the new SS21 ÉVEIL collection

The Iva Nerolli brand presented the new SS21 ÉVEIL collection

The collection has absorbed shades of lush greenery with a combination of animalistic and tropical prints that transport us to the safari style, both practical and elegant. This style is ideal for creating bold spring and summer images. The designer this season is experimenting with shape and color, calling for emotional awakening! A significant element of the collection was a safari jacket - a symbiosis of a jacket and shirt with two pockets, as well as an elongated sand jacket.

Garden passions: the first couture collection IVA NEROLLI

Ukrainian brand IVA NEROLLI knows how to make any of our holidays special - the brand presented the first couture collection called Gardens.

Gardens are 12 special images that use exceptional cutting techniques, expensive Italian fabrics, embroidery and intricate handicrafts.

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IVA NEROLLI presents the first line for the New Year holidays

The IVA NEROLLI brand presents its first couture line created especially for the New Year holidays. In contrast to fast fashion, designer Iva Nerolli has created 12 festive images, which use exceptional cutting techniques, expensive Italian fabrics, embroidery and intricate handicrafts. The designer was inspired by the landscape art and gardens of Paris. The new collection is called "Gardens" and is dedicated to the cyclical nature of time and social contrasts. The designer invites you to make a small escape to the French era of Louis XIV and feel the grandeur of the royal holidays of a time where satiety and bourgeois luxury is about to change the impending social storm. The feeling of the designer of that era is conveyed in the materials selected for the line: deep emerald velvet, cashmere with silk thread, intricate embroidery and handmade decorative elements. More than a hundred hours of work of the brand's masters were spent on the creation of each of the twelve unique capsule images. It is in this collection that the golden Neroli flower, a key symbol and the new birth of the brand, appears for the first time as an element of the image. One of the iconic accessories of the collection is a silk scarf, which can be used both in creating an everyday fashion and in a game for two in a romantic setting. The combination of silk and fringed scarf seems to hint at the beginning of a love game that can begin at any time. The scarf was created in collaboration with the brand of silk accessories D.OLYA Olga Dvoryanskaya, who developed an intricate ornament with noble neroli flowers. Incredibly feminine images of the first couture line from IVA NEROLLI are called where luxury is most naturally intertwined with nature, where candles are lit, poems are played and music is played, where in the labyrinths of gardens they play hide and seek during the day and confess their love at night. you can change the scenery, scenarios, outfits, where you can be different while remaining yourself. Where there is an opportunity to live again and again that amazing era, albeit for a few hours of a magical holiday stopping the modern fast-paced world.

On digitalization of fashion and the impact of the pandemic

Ukrainian designer Iva Nerolli, author of the IVA NEROLLI brand, told Harper`s Bazaar about the brand's bestsellers, the approach to creating collections, digitalizing fashion and the changes associated with the pandemic.

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Iva Nerolli presented a new collection called Blitz

Ukrainian brand Iva Nerolli presented a new collection called Blitz. The main print was a black and white cage. "Masculinity meets femininity and black intertwines with white" is the main motto of the collection, which also includes bags developed in collaboration with the Orlik brand. Designer Bernda told in an interview how the collection was created and what inspired it.

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