New Capsule collection FEEL ME
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New Capsule collection FEEL ME

New Capsule collection FEEL ME

Iva Nerolli presented the FEEL ME capsule collection

Our heroine is a girl of the 20s, who for the first time begins to talk about her desires and feelings, and does this with the help of her wardrobe. ⠀

For the first time, silk dresses, stockings, sensual pastel shades appear in it. In this image there is a sensitive naive beauty and that romance that we all sometimes want so much. ⠀

Like any clothing helps to reveal different facets of our character,

the FEEL ME collection cultivates sensuality, romanticism and maturity. ⠀

You will feel this mood in every detail - in delicate floral prints,

pastel shades, flowing silk fabrics, cozy long silhouettes, from infantile

ruffles to tiny buttons inspired by feminine dresses in retro style.

The heroine of our collection became Olimpia Whitemustache - the host, model and muse of Iva Nerolli. Its extraordinary beauty is intertwined with the image of mature romanticism that we have embodied in this collection.